FOTOSDCUBA.COM is an agency offering really free web-sized stock photos. We endeavor in supporting artists by offering the visitor the choice of paying three dollars for a High-Res image. 50% goes to the artist.

Our vision is to achieve a fairer deal for both 'publishers' and 'artists'. Think of us as the small business in the corner of your block. When you get away from big corporations you are contributing to a more equitable world. We at FOTOSDCUBA.COM have had that into account. 

The site is administered by Roberto Machado Noa who is a photographer/videographer born in Zulueta, Villa Clara, Cuba. He has been a stock photographer for more than 10 years. He knows the ins and outs of this industry. 

We have a very selective partner program that could license your images in the best macro-stock sites in the world. Those images will be marked as Premium. Yet our business model will still apply to those images. As in any commercial activity, if you are selected for the Partner Program a contract must be signed.

We are very thankful for your visit to our site and really hoped that you come again.